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In search of a better self, by reading books and quotes

Hi 👋. I am wandersick, author of self-growth articles as seen on Medium publications (Curious/The Startup). You may also know from me from my tech blog, projects like AeroZoom accessibility software as seen on Lifehacker, etc., or inspirational quotes services on Twitter, Facebook and the web which have been running for over a decade.

With a theme of life, here you will find book recommendations and insights delivered in the form of bite-sized posts, where puzzling life questions are researched with answers from numerous books. In addition, the Quotes of the Month series dives deep into quotes recently shared on the English Quotes social media accounts.

I’ve always been keen on researching since studying in university and working in IT. Having been out of the woods from a past of traumatizing setbacks, I am now more humble, calm, equipped with clarity and strength to continue the lifelong pursue of personal growth.

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English quotes explained, book recommendations and insights in the form of bite-sized posts



In search of a better self • tech and personal growth posts • as seen on LifeHacker (AeroZoom), Medium (Curious/The Startup), @english_quotes on Twitter, etc.