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Who We Are

Hi there! 👋 I'm wandersick, an enthusiast in tech and personal growth. You might have come across my self-growth articles on Medium publications like Curious and The Startup. Perhaps you've stumbled upon my tech blog or encountered my projects, such as the AeroZoom accessibility software featured on Lifehacker. Over the years, I've also curated inspirational quotes on various platforms like Twitter, Facebook , and the web, spreading positivity and wisdom for more than a decade.

Exploring Life's Mysteries

Here at a wandersick’s Bookself, our primary focus is life itself. We believe in delving deep into the enigmatic questions that shape our existence. Through meticulously researched bite-sized posts, we uncover answers from books and numerous other sources, presenting you with profound insights and eye-opening perspectives. With our carefully curated book recommendations, you'll have a treasure trove of knowledge at your fingertips.

A Journey of Resilience and Growth

My passion for research and personal growth stems from my background in IT. I've personally experienced major setbacks in life, but those challenges have only made me more appreciative, peaceful, and equipped with clarity and strength. Now, I'm committed to lifelong learning and sharing my insights with others who are on a similar path of self-discovery.

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